SRSG Mahiga meets with President and Prime Minister

10 Jun 2012

SRSG Mahiga meets with President and Prime Minister

Mogadishu, 9 June 2012 – SRSG Augustine Mahiga met with both President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed and Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali at their respective residencies at Villa Somalia, the seat of the Transitional Federal Government. They discussed a variety of issues of mutual concern including the follow up to the implementation of the 23 May Addis Ababa agreement and the delay in the process. Key issues of concern were the finalization of validation of the Elders list by the Elders Arbitration Panel, the need to publicize the list soonest, the immediate formation of the Technical Selection Committee (TSC), the two Secretariats to support the Roadmap signatories based in Villa Somalia and to facilitate the work of the Elders in consulting with their respective constituencies.

They agreed on the need to clarify on the final role of the Independent Federal Constitution Commission and the Committee of Experts, the two bodies mandated with drafting the constitution and the modalities of handing over the Draft Constitution to the Elders. Prime Minister Abdiweli and SRSG Mahiga agreed to issue a joint invitation to the international observers for both the constitution and parliamentary selection process.

SRSG further reviewed with President Sharif their recent visit to New York and their briefing to the Security Council as well as the outcome of the Istanbul II Conference. SRSG Mahiga acknowledged the President's bravery on his recent trip to Afgoye to visit the TFG and AMISOM troops on the frontline, where he survived an ambush. They further discussed the military situation and progress made on all fronts.

The SRSG used the opportunity of the meeting to urge all parties to make the necessary adjustments to the calendar of work agreed in Addis Ababa without altering the end of the Transition date, which is 20th August 2012.