United Nations Political Office for Somalia

The United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) is headed by the UN Special Representative for Somalia, Augustine P. Mahiga. UNPOS was established in 1995 to help the Secretary-General advance peace and reconciliation in Somalia through contact with Somali leaders, civic organizations and states and organizations. UNPOS also provides political guidance, as needed, to the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator.

UNPOS was the driving force behind the Djibouti Agreement which was signed in August 2008 between the Transitional Federal Government and a main opposition group. The Agreement outlines a structure for simultaneous progress in political, security and reconstruction. UNPOS has also organized several high level Conferences including the Istanbul Conference for Somalia, the International Conference in support of Somali Security Forces and African Union Military Observer Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) held in Brussels, the Joint Security and High Level Committees and the SRSG chairs the meetings of the International Contact Group.