UNPOS and the Joint Security Committee

Coordinating security and justice issues in Somalia. 
The Joint Security Committee (JSC) is the mechanism through which the Somali Government and the International Community (IC) jointly coordinate issues pertaining to matters of security and justice in Somalia.  The current mandate of the JSC will expire one month upon the end of the transitional period. 
Following the signing of the Kampala Accord (9 June 2011), it was agreed that a reformed Joint Security Committee would sit permanently in Mogadishu.  Under the Roadmap (6 September 2011), envisaged in the Kampala Accord, ‘Benchmark 1 – Security’ called for an inclusive JSC to hold bi-monthly meetings in Mogadishu to address key security issues and challenges facing Somalia.
The National Security and Stabilisation Plan (NSSP) (2011 to 2014), is a Somali-owned plan.  Used for planning purposes since late-2011 it was passed by presidential decree on 8 August 2012 and “defines the process by which the Federal Government of Somalia will lead in re-orienting the policies, structures and operational capacities of security and justice institutions and groups in Somalia” and is “designed to serve as the main conduit for alignment of both national and international assistances for the implementation of prioritized, coherent, harmonized and sustained interventions in Somalia”.  

JSC Participants 

The JSC is jointly chaired by the Somali Government, United Nations (UNPOS), African Union (AMISOM) and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).  Traditionally, core membership has included representatives of the principal ministries (Defence, Justice, and Interior and National Security), and representatives of the regions (Puntland and Galmudug) and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama, and of the International and Donor communities.

JSC Responsibilities 

The JSC was mandated responsibility for the following:
  • Ensuring that International Community support to Somalia’s security and justice sectors, including to its armed forces, police services, criminal justice and correctional services, ministries, oversight mechanisms and policies, is anchored into a coherent, holistic and nationally-owned approach to security and justice sector development, and that technical support is closely linked with the overall political and peace building strategy and negotiations process.
  • Establishing a cooperation mechanism between the TFG and IC for the purpose of completing the implementation of the security and justice sector development activities envisaged in the Djibouti Peace Agreement and Kampala Accord.
  • Supporting and coordinating tasks related to the establishment and functioning of the National Security Force (Military), the Somali Police Service (Police), including, military integration, harmonization of training standards, reform and restructuring, as well as of other transitional security and justice sector institutions and mechanisms.
  • Providing strategic guidance and direction to the Technical Working Groups dealing with specific issues related to the Somali security and justice sectors. 
  • Providing strategic advice and guidance for the planning, coordination, implementation of the NSSP with a view to ensuring a transparent, accountable and professional security and justice institutions in Somalia operating with respect for and in support of human rights and the rule of law.
  • Supporting and facilitating humanitarian agencies’ access and assistance to Somalia and its peoples.
  • Undertaking any other activity related to the improvement of security on Land and at Sea and of the security sector in Somalia.


Future of the JSC

While its existing mandate expires within one month of the end of the Transitional Period (20 August 2012), it is anticipated that the JSC will continue to function in some form for the foreseeable future, though its function, composition and responsibilities will be influenced by the emerging Somali governance and constitutional frameworks.


JSC Communiqués


  • Mogadishu, 06 August 2012 - The 14th Session of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) [Communiqué]
  • Mogadishu, 08 May 2012 -

     The 13th Session of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) [Communiqué]


  • Mogadishu, 28 October 2011 -

     The 10th Session of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) Mogadishu, 01 February 2012 -

     The 11th Session of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) [Communiqué]
  • Mogadishu, 22 August 2011 -

     The 9th Session of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) [Communiqué]
  • Entebbe, 23 June 2011 - 

    The 8th Session of the Joint Security Committee (JSC)  [Communiqué]   [Somali]
  • Djibouti, 20 January 2011 -

     The Joint Security Committee (JSC) [Communiqué]
  • Nairobi, 08 August 2010 -

     The Joint Security Committee (JSC)  [Communiqué] [Somali] [Annex I] [Somali] [Annex II] [Somali]