UNPOS Mandate

The Secretary-General established the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) on 15 April 1995, to help him advance the cause of peace and reconciliation through contacts with Somali leaders, civic organisations and the states and organisations concerned.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General provides the Secretary-General with periodic briefings and written reports to the Security Council.  UNPOS also provides political guidance, as needed, to the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator of the UN Agencies and organisations of the UN Country Team for Somalia.


The mandate of UNPOS as per Security Council Resolution 1863 (2009):
  • Stresses the need to create conditions for the Special Representative of the Secretary-General to continue to make progress on the political process;
  • Decides that UNPOS and the United Nations country team (UNCT) shall continue to promote a lasting peace and stability in Somalia through the implementation of the Djibouti Peace Agreement and to facilitate coordination of international support to the efforts;
  • Requests UNPOS, inter-alia, to assist, in conjunction with regional and international donors partners and other interested parties, in supporting the effective re-establishment, training and retention of inclusive Somali security forces, including military, police and judiciary, to hold donor conference to solicit contributions to establish a trust fund in support to these activities;
  • Requests his Special representative to coordinate all activities of the United Nations System in Somalia, to provide good offices and political support for the efforts to establish lasting peace and stability in Somalia and to mobilise resources and support from the international community for both immediate recovery and long-term economic development;
  • The Council also requestes the Secretary-General, through his Special Representative, to coordinate the activities of the UN in Somalia; and welcomes his proposals for enhancement of the UN Political Office in Somalia (UNPOS).