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15:34:16, Thursday, 30 Mar 2017
Chronology of Events in the Somali Peace Process

Chronology of Events

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3 February 2011

Somalia's parliament votes to extend its term for another three years with 421 out of 435 lawmakers voting in favor of the extension, a decision widely criticized by the international community and of which SRSG Mahiga calls “disappointing” and “hastily made”.

30 January 2011
IGAD announces, contrary to the UN’s and the international community’s stance, that it is important “to extend the term of the current Transitional Federal Parliament while the remaining political dispensation be handled by the people of Somalia.
26 January 2011
SRSG Mahiga announces that he has started consultations with key stakeholders on the remainder of the transitional period and the nature of “post-transitional” arrangements, noting that there is “unanimous agreement” both inside and outside Somalia that the transition could not be extended beyond August.
23 January 2011
The “Puntland” administration announces that it will bar TFG leaders and civil servants from entering the region.
20 January 2011
AU extends the mandate of AMISOM for 12 months starting 17 January 2011.
18 January 2011
Al-Shabaab refuses to lift the ban that they imposed, 16 September 2010, on aid agencies despite a drought affecting over two million people.
16 January 2011
The “Puntland” authorities issues a press release proclaiming that “Puntland” would no longer cooperate with the TFG until a legitimate and representative Federal Government is established and urges UNPOS to reconsider its support of the TFG at the expense of other stakeholders.
14 January 2011
SRSG Mahiga briefs the Security Council. Members call on the Somali government to “redouble its efforts” to complete the remaining transitional tasks and on the international community to provide additional resources and support to AMISOM.
22 December 2010
The Security Council adopts Resolution 1964 extending the authorization of the AMISOM and boosts troop strength from 8,000 to 12,000.
27 November 2010

Somalia's Parliament endorses the new Cabinet expected to work with the new Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.  [State Ministers]   [Ministers]   [Deputy Ministers]

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