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15:34:08, Thursday, 30 Mar 2017
Chronology of Events in the Somali Peace Process

Chronology of Events

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29 August 2011
President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed visits Puntland marking a new chapter in the relations between the Transitional Federal Government and Puntland. He invites President Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud ‘Farole’ of Puntland to attend the Consultative Meeting.
10 August 2011
The UN Security Council meets to consider the situation in Somalia. [SRSG Statement]   [Press Statement]
06 August 2011
Al-Shabaab announces its intention to leave Mogadishu and begins vacating key strategic points throughout the city, including Baakara Market.
03 August 2011
An emergency meeting on the food and humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa convened by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization meets in Rome, where more than $120 million is pledged.
28 July 2011
Parliament approves the new Somali Cabinet submitted by Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali.
20 July 2011

The United Nations declares that famine exists in two regions of southern Somalia:  southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle. Across the country, nearly half of the Somali population – 3.7 million people – are now in crisis, of whom an estimated 2.8 million people are in the south. [OCHA Press Release]

20 July 2011
Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali announces his new Cabinet made up of 18 ministers who are all new faces.
28 June 2011
437 out of 443 Members of the Transitional Federal Parliament approve the new Prime Minister, Abdiweli Muhammad Ali, who was appointed by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
24 June 2011
The Security Council adoptes a presidential statement welcoming the signing of the Kampala Accord.  [S/PRST/2011/13]
23 June 2011

The President of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed appoints Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali to the post of the Prime Minister.

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