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15:33:36, Thursday, 30 Mar 2017
Chronology of Events in the Somali Peace Process

Chronology of Events

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April 1993
UNITAF's mission ends.
March 1993
UNOSOM II is established (Resolution 814) with a mandate to take over the work of UNITAF for the restoration of peace, stability, law and order, together with the maintenance and protection of international relief operations.
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December 1992
Following a further deterioration in the situation, the Security Council authorizes Member States to form a Unified Task Force (UNITAF) to coordinate with UNOSOM to secure major population centers and ensure that humanitarian assistance is delivered and distributed.
August 1992
UNOSOM's mandate and troop strength are enlarged to cover humanitarian operations throughout the country.
April 1992
The Security Council establishes the UN Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM I) to reconcile the warring factions, monitor a ceasefire in the capital, Mogadishu, and protect UN personnel, equipment and supplies. UNOSOM troops guard Somalia's seaports and airports and escort humanitarian convoys to distribution centers in the city and its immediate environs.
January 1991

President Siad Barre is driven from the country by opposing clans. The failure of the clans to unite around a replacement however, leads to factional grabs for power, influence and resources.

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